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I have been walking around for a while with the idea of starting a blog. Why? Because I like to give free rein to my creativity and to develop my writing qualities. Where is that best now than on your own blog! Here I can share all my interests with everyone who reads it, write articles in my area of interest, share my great cooking skills (ugh-ugh) with other cooking enthusiasts and make my many ideas known to the world.


But also!

I have also created this blog to put some pressure on writing my first story. Huh? Do you write, you might wonder. Yes and no. It is a bit changeable, but I want it to be an absolute YES! I will give you a short update.

The story so far

When I was 21, I came up with a Dark Romance story about angels and fallen angels around a university. You know it, the Apocalypse, the end of time and the early love. At that time I did not know any Twilight or angelic stories, I even think that Twilight had not even been published yet.
Anyway, it took a while before I actually started writing. I was 26 and lived in England when I put the first words on paper. I don’t know how I did it, but I wrote almost half of my story in a week. I wrote between 9,000-11,000 words a day and was in a huge writing flow.
After 9 months I returned to the Netherlands and the unfinished story was left with a pile of dust. Luckily I picked it up again and wrote it down a year later.
The first person to read it was my mother – she is the honest critic who does not fear to give her opinion. How glad I was that she read it… unfortunately she did not bring any good news. It was by no means good enough to be published. She advised me to rewrite it a lot and I started to edit A LOT, until there was a somewhat readible story.
My mom also read this version and gave me a lot of feedback, because it was still not good. I quit writing for another year or two and picked it up on some summer day.
In the meantime I started the publishing company Storm Publishers and I have occasionally written on my project. Currently I have a good ‘readable’ version and my mom and two good friends have read it. I will review this feedback and, if necessary, I will adjust it again (yes, a lot of editing rounds have already gone through).
But after this last round, it FI-NAL-LY goes to an editor and let’s wait and see what he thinks of my story. . So far the update about my story.

The birth of a blog

So I created this blog, because I like to write and keep readers informed about my upcoming writing career. So tadaaa … here is the first message! I will mainly write about topics that interest me: healthy eating, mindful, poems and of course about my writings.

Keep you posted!!

–  X – Natasja

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